English Level3

Cambridge Interchange English Level3 Outline

  1. Speaking / Conversation
  2. Grammar
  3. Pronunciations/Listening
  4. Writing/Reading
  5. Interchange Activity
  • Personality types and qualities; relationships; turns on and turns offs.
  • Jobs; unusual careers; jobs skills; summer jobs
  • Favors; formal and informal requests; messages
  • The media; news stories; exceptional events
  • Cultural comparisons and culture shock; moving abroad; emotions; customs; tourism and travel abroad
  • Consumers complains; everyday problems; electronics; repairs
  • The environment; world problem; current issues
  • Education; learner choices; strategies for learning; personal qualities
  • Everyday services; recommendations; self-improvement
  • Historic events and people; biography; the future
  • Milestone and turning points; behavior and personality; regrets
  • Qualities for success; successful business; advertising
  • Pet peeves; unexplained events; reactions; predicaments and advice
  • How a movie is made; media professions; processes; the entertainment industry
  • Recommendations, ; opinions; social issues; controversial issues
  • Challenges; accomplishments; goals; volunteering

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