English Level2

Cambridge Interchange English Level2 Outline

  1. Speaking
  2. Grammar
  3. Pronunciations/Listening
  4. Writing/Reading
  5. Interchange Activity
  • People; childhood; memories.
  • Transportation; transportations problems; city services.
  • Houses and apartments; lifestyle changes; wishes.
  • Food; recipes; instructions; cooking methods.
  • Travels; vacations; plans.
  • Complaints; household chores; requests; excuses; apologies
  • Technology; instructions
  • Holidays; festivals; customs; celebrations
  • Life in the past, present and future; changes and contrasts; consequences
  • Abilities and skill; jobs preferences, personality traits; career
  • Landmarks and monuments; world knowledge
  • Information about someone's past; recent past events
  • Entertainment; movies and books; reactions and opinions
  • Nonverbal communications; gestures and meanings; signs; drawing conclusions
  • Money; hopes; predicaments; speculations
  • Requests; excuses; invitations

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