English Level1

Cambridge Interchange English Level 1 Outline

  1. Functions
  2. Grammar
  3. Pronunciations/Listening
  4. Writing/Reading
  5. Interchange Activity
  • Introductions and greeting; names and tittles; countries and nationalities.
  • Occupations; workplaces; and school; daily schedules; clock time
  • Spending habits, shopping and prices; clothing and personal items; colors and materials
  • Music, movies, TV programs, entertainers, invitations and excuses; date and times
  • Family and family life.
  • Sports and exercise; routines
  • Free-time and weekend activities; vacations
  • Stores and places in the city; neighbors; houses and apartment
  • Appearance and dress, clothing and clothing styles; people
  • Past experiences; unusual events
  • Cities; hometown and countries
  • Health problems; medication and remedies
  • Food and restaurant
  • World geography; countries; the environment
  • Invitations; leisure-time activities; telephone messages
  • Life changes; plans and hope for the future

Starting :  19-December-2018

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